Thursday, May 23, 2013

The FLAT Fit - The Flats and Hand Washing Challenge

The FLAT Fit - The Flats  and Hand Washing Challenge

Since we are using Rock-A-Bums covers for the Flat and Hand Washing Challenge, there are so many directions I could go each day with how I want the diaper to fit, and where in the diaper I want the flat to be positioned.  The versatility of the diaper STILL rocks even when using flats! 

Option 1:
Regular Pad fold in a Rock-A-Bums shell
Option 2:
Regular Pad fold INSIDE the pocket
Option 3:
Origami fold (or any other style of folding around baby)
Option 4:
Added Absorbency (our night time solution)

The BEST part about these is that they are SOOOOOOO trim with the Rock-A-Bums shell, I just couldn’t believe it!  Here are a few pictures to really prove their slender appearance.