Friday, February 22, 2013

Rockin Baby Fashion- Color Coordination

Do you match your babies clothes to their diapers? I bet theres a good chance if you personally match your undies with your clothes you do. Haha

I didn't used to color coodinate the two on my baby, but something always didn't feel right when I was dressing him until I figured out it was the unmatched ensemble. Now that his stash is much larger than it used to be, we have more options, so I tend to pick out an outfit and two to three diapers that match the colors in the outfit for the day.

These are the days I (as a SAHM, who doesn't get out much) likes to go grocery shopping or to the mall to show off how friggin cute my babykins is. Why is does it bring me such joy? Who knows??

Then the problem with matching diapers to clothes comes when your baby decides to go spelunking in the toilet or you forgot to put a bib on them before lunch and the outfit is now done for the day. Now you have to find a new outfit that matches the diapers you selected for the day (if you are reusing as an AI2 shell) or start fresh with new outfit and new diapers to match. What a waste. Haha just kidding, it's all in good fun though and on the bright side no matter what happens you are not losing money either way.

The best part about Rock-A-Bums is you never have to worry about poopsplosion ruining your day or your babies classy attire.


Saturday, February 2, 2013

To celebrate our Facebook page reaching 100 fans we are going to give away one RockaBums diaper! The winner will choose their color. Good Luck!! a Rafflecopter giveaway