Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flats and Hand Washing Challenge



We are at the end of our Flats and Hand Washing Challenge!!!  We made it!!!!  There were a lot of ups and downs through the challenge, but I am able to say that I learned quite a bit.  Here are my top 10 things I learned this week...
1. I am a pretty good agitator (when using our camp style washer, not in relation to my husband ;) ).
2. Drying flats takes considerably less time than I thought it would.  It took about an hour inside, which would be about 10 minutes in the sun...if we had any...
3. Flats are very inexpensive and easy to acquire.
4. Your child WILL leak through their diaper if you don't pack extra clothes....see that story here
5. If I can fold and hand wash diapers, ANYONE can
6.  Snappis aren't as intimating as they look. 
7. Flats don't protect the cover as well as the regular Rock-A-Bums inserts (when it comes to poo).
8. It might take a few tries to figure out what combination of absorbency/folds work best, and that's not super easy to do on a wiggly toddler.
9. Flats are incredibly trim
10. I feel pretty confident that I can successfully learn anything on YouTube, origami folding diapers included. 

As an added bonus, I do consider hand washing to be a work out, therefore I was able to get a work out in every day this week, that's something doesn't commonly happen :)

I am very glad that I participated in the flats challenge this year, as it was a great learning experience for me.  I have had multiple people tell me they want to cloth diaper, but live in apartments with no washer or dryer.  I am very thankful now that I have first hand experience in a way they can still manage to cloth diaper their children.  It will be good to refer them back to my journey through this challenge, and show that it is actually possible to cloth diaper your child on a minimal budget and without the use of a washer/dyer. 

Now.......let the FUN begin.....

We are CELEBRATING our accomplishment in making it through this challenge and so we are GIVING AWAY 3 Rock-A-Bums covers, a Wet Bag, AND 10 Flour Sack Towels.  This will be a GREAT starter set for the lucky winner!!!  

On the giveaway, the first one is supposed to be a "Blog Post COMMENT" :) Thanks!

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