Saturday, May 25, 2013

Flats and Hand Washing Challenge

Day Trip in Flats!

I still remember the first time I ever left the house with my baby in cloth.  I was so nervous that she was going to leak everywhere that I brought three changes of clothes, and enough diapers to last her three days (we were just going to the grocery store).  I was a wreck.  I checked her multiple times while I was shopping and I even changed her in the car before putting her back into her car seat.  I look back now and wonder why I was so caught up in the fact that she might leak.  She never leaked at home, why would she in the 30 minutes we were at the grocery store?  Well, all those feelings flooded back into my mind when taking my daughter on a short day trip to visit a friend for the first time in FLATS. 

So, I stopped and thought about how unnecessary it was to over pack the diaper bag this trip.  Here is what I brought:

2 Rock-A-Bums Covers
1 Medium Wet Bag
10 cloth wipes
6 Flats
I love organizing <3
Now, if you're wondering if this was enough for our day trip, yes it was.  If you're wondering where the extra clothes are, they aren't in there.  If you're wondering if my daughter leaked, SHE DID.......Apparently her bladder had different plans and she held it for a while, and, well, the flats only have so much absorbency, so, you know the rest.  Luckily, the friend I was visiting has a son the same age, so we just borrowed some of his pants!!