Thursday, May 23, 2013

Supplies - The Flats and Hand Washing Challenge

Supplies - Flats and Hand Washing Challenge

                Starting out this challenge seems like it might be the easiest part! Luckily, I already have a supply of Rock-A-Bums covers because we use them as an AI2.  Therefore, I just had to run to our local Walmart and pick up a few other items. 

The first, and seemingly most important item I had to purchase, was the flats to be used as the inserts.  I chose to use the flour sack towels, as they were quick, easy, and inexpensive.  At my local Walmart, they were a pack of five for $4.98.  I picked up 30 of them, as I have an extremely heavy wetter, and I know I will need two flour sack towels  in her Rock-A-Bums  at all times.   The next items I grabbed were the ones to make a “camp style” washer.  I grabbed a 5 gallon bucket for $4.14, a plunger for $2.47 and then a pack of drill bits for $10.97 (I could have just grabbed one drill bit for $2, but my husband wanted the whole pack, just like a kid in a candy store). 

        My total might seem large until you remember that this is what it would take to cloth diaper (AND WASH) for one child full time.  It blew my mind.  Plus remember, the total was after we sprung for the large pack of drill bits.   
        Once I was home, I enlisted the help of my dad (who happened to be visiting, lucky himJ ) to drill holes into my bucket AND my plunger.  We used a 1” drill bit for the lid of the bucket, and 3/8” drill bit for the plunger (just as suggested HERE).  Literally ten minutes (maybe) and we were done.  Piece of cake!


               My final step was to pull out my Rock-A-Bums and get them ready to roll for the Flats and Hand Washing Challenge!                             

       Using cute covers will make the hand washing seem like a breeze, right?