Thursday, October 31, 2013

#releasetherockabums's happened.....Rock-A-Bums is ready to release our VELCRO and SNAP 2.0 options. 

Why the 2.0 ROCKS

Whether you are a cloth diapering family or not, the Rock-A-Bums 2.0 BOMBSHELL cover is a complete NECESSITY to your baby kit. 

With its wide crotch area, and strong back elastic, it will certainly contain any poopy blowout mess from ruining baby’s clothes, and your day. 

Use it over a disposable, as an all-in-one, hybrid, all-in-two or pocket, you just can’t go wrong.  With two generous pocket openings, an extra layer of PUL for tummy sleepers, and our proprietary Plush Dry fabric lining the inside of the cover, this system will not disappoint. 

 Along with our HUGE release, we want to do a massive giveaway, with many ways to enter.   Thanks to lillebaby, Rockin' Green, Bamboobies and Spray Pal for giving us some AWESOME prizes to send your way! Enjoy!

*Winner will receive:
3 Rock-A-Bums 2.0 Diapers (your choice of color and closure)
3 Pack of Bamboobies Nursing Pads
1 Spray Pal Splatter Shield
1 lillebaby Complete Organic Carrier
1 bag of Rockin' Green Soap


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Can YOU Guess the Rock-A-Bums SURPRISE?!?!

We have something up our sleeves..........can you guess what it is?

Three winners will get to choose their prize once the release is announced......

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ready To ROCK

I figured I would be able to write about our first trip out and about in cloth fairly soon after having Paisley, however, I quickly learned that going out and about just doesn’t happen that often when you have two kids as young as mine are!

Sure, we have gone to some friends’ houses for play dates but that’s only for an hour or two. I’ve been to my mom’s and to my in-laws, but again, not for very long.  We did brave the grocery store, which I felt I deserved an award for getting both kids inside the store and into a shopping cart, made it through the quick trip without tears from any of us, and made it safely back into the car without any “noodle-body melt-downs.” If you have a toddler, I am sure you understand what that is; you know, when your toddler decides that walking and holding your hand isn’t what they want to do at that moment so they plop to the ground in tears and when you try to get them up they turn into dead weight that is next to impossible to lift let alone carry to the car. Add juggling a newborn in a carrier or her car seat at the same time and that is my biggest fear!

Anyway, I was given the opportunity to attend Mommy-Con, which is a big convention that has lots of great speakers, workshops and tons of booths that are geared towards natural parenting and mommy/baby items. It is an all day event, so I left Parker with Daddy, and Paisley and I were off to enjoy a “girl’s day” J

I am known for over packing but here is our diaper bag and what I brought with us for the day:

Even with the few short trips I have taken with both kids, I have decided that I might want to look into getting a bigger diaper bag since I have to pack cloth diapers for two, extra clothes for two, burp rags, snacks, wipes, etc… Plus, I like to stick my wallet, phone, and other things I need in the bag rather then also taking my purse. If anyone reading this has any diaper bag suggestions, please let me know!

I think I had mentioned in a previous post that Paisley does not poop often. About once every 2-3 days which might sound nice to some but when she does poop, she FILLS her diaper; and the few times I have had her in disposables we had major blow outs.  You might not be able to tell in the picture but there was poop on my shirt and on my hands....Yuck!

So, we have now been using only cloth because it seems to contain the mess so much better.  

Of course, the day of Mommy-Con happened to be day three of no poop, so I knew we would be in for a messy diaper.  I was especially nervous about this pending poop because I was wearing her in the Ergo the whole time, and so, if for some reason we had a blow out, I knew it would be extra disastrous.

Well, about half way through the day, we were walking around and I heard some rumbling coming from Paisley and instantly could smell that we were in for a mess. I’m not going to lie, from the sound and smell that came from this tiny little thing I thought for sure I would not only be cleaning her but also the Ergo and myself.  I was definitely starting to sweat a bit just thinking about it. We headed to the diaper changing area and I’m sure if anyone saw my reaction when I unbuckled the Ergo and saw that it and myself were clean and poop-free, they would have thought I just won the lottery or something! I then took her pants off and was SO excited to see that nothing had leaked through her diaper. I definitely needed a new cover since the poo had got all over the insert and cover, so I took the dirty diaper off and put it in the wet bag and put a new one on and we were back in action and ready to continue enjoying our day at Mommy-Con!
By the end of the day, we had ZERO leaks, NO blow outs and I didn’t even need the extra wet bag that I had packed “just in case” which really surprised me. This is what my wet bag looked like after a full days worth of diapering:  This has 2 shells, 7 inserts and 7 cloth wipes and there is still room for more!
Overall, we had a very successful first “full day out and about in cloth” and had a great time at Mommy-Con!
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