Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Camping with Cloth

I warned many of you on Facebook and Twitter that we were planning on camping in cloth this last weekend, and I'm sure many of you were wondering how my experience went.....

So, here are the facts:
  • Our campground had no running water (other than the river).
  • I packed 10 covers and 40 inserts (we use our RAB mainly as an All-in-Two).  We used 8 covers and 28 inserts
  • I packed 4 wet bags, but we ended up only using 2!
  • I packed my full wipes warmer and used about 40 wipes, because we used them to clean her tush and her little body

And here is the outcome:
My motto for the weekend was "let it be" (no, not the whole Beatles song, just the line) ;).  We were camping in DIRT, and I have a 15 month old TODDLER, who thinks dirt is quite amusing.  She rolled in it, played in it, and even ATE it, yes, I did say she ingested some of it, and you know what, she survived.  We bathed her in the river, fed her at a picnic table, and changed her outside, and she enjoyed every minute of it! 

Never looking at the camera!
Now, I know you're all wondering if I survived...well....I will tell you that I had to repeat my weekend motto many times in my head, but we made it through, even in our cloth diapers.  There were times (where she was sitting in mashed up blackberries) that I thought, "man, disposables would be easier," but I'm actually really glad we did it!  I didn't have to buy a single disposable diaper for our entire trip AND I didn't have to add to the MOUNDS of garbage already accumulating at the campground.  Overall, I think it was quite successful and we I had the opportunity to show off our rockin' style and I even converted a few along the way (even some non-preggers ladies)!  At the beginning of the trip, they thought I was crazy for camping in cloth,  (I kinda did too) but by the end I had them all changing diapers for me (see what I did there) ;).  It was surprisingly easier than I thought it was going to be, which is a major bonus!
Crusin in her Rock-a-Bums

My only tip: have a plan of action for poop! We just plopped them into a Ziplock bag, and then threw it away at the end~

*In case your wondering, the blackberries came out of the diaper with ease! Hmm.....getting stains out of covers....I'm sensing another blog post......

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