Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Diaper Ditchers

You hear a faint ripping come around the corner and expect your child to have a piece of paper or something similar in their mouth...but what you come upon is much different.  In the .00000005 seconds it took you to round the corner, your child has ditched their diaper, taken a few steps, squatted and peed all over your carpet (true story)....sighhhhhhhhh.......that's what we call Diaper ranks pretty high on the list of fears of diapering moms.  At least mine anyway. 

So, when my sweet daughter first started ripping at her diapers, I kept thinking, I just need to distract her, and then she won't remember she's wearing Velcro.  That didn't work.

Then I thought, oh, I'll just keep her in pants all the time.  Well, it's 90 degrees here, so, that didn't work. 

At this point, I was noticing that only our snap diapers would stay on I thought I could sneak the Velcro in during nap time.  She woke up from one nap drenched in her pee with no diaper on, and SCREAMING, so that didn't work.

Apparently my sweet little one just loved the sound the Velcro made WAY too, we are now a 100% snap family :) No more Velcro for this little girl! We will tuck them away for the next one!  LUCKILY, we love the Rock-a-Bum snaps and they are strong enough to ward off her little 15 month old mischievous ways :)

**If you are a disposable only family, the Rock-a-Bums covers are designed to go over disposables too, and it will keep your little one from ditching their disposable diaper!

This is my little girl attempting to take off the Rock-A-Bums, thank goodness the snaps are strong!


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