Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You DON'T have a washer? Don't worry!

So, you want to cloth diaper, but your being held up by the fact that you don't have a washer, or a hook up for a washer, and you can't fathom giving the laundry mat any more of your quarters (or time).  Sound familiar?  Well, let me tell you about a couple other options you have for cleaning your cloth diapers, that doesn't make you want to bend down and pick up every quarter you see in the subway. 

There are TWO (yes, two) great solutions to this problem. 

1. You can hand wash your diapers. 

That's right...I said it....hand wash.  Now I know that some of you might think there's no WAY you're doing that...well....what if I said it took maybe 40 minutes of your time to actually wash them by hand...and it would only cost you what a bucket and plunger run for....oh, and you don't actually TOUCH the poop.  Ya, that's right.  Read HERE to see how we like to hand wash, and some helpful tips...especially #1....

2. You can use a portable washing machine. 

These AMAZING portable washing machines can be ordered at quite a few big box stores, and many places online!  They can range from $50-$300 depending on what you want in it.  The COOLEST thing about these is that many of them hook up to your faucet or tub AND to a regular 120 volt plug in.  Therefore you don't need special washing machine hook ups to use them!  Here is an example of a portable washing machine. 

Don't have $200 to spare right now?  Well, slowly build your stash, and hand wash (as shown above) until you are able to save that money you would have spent on disposables (shown below) for the portable washer you really want.
Check out how to save HERE

Don't have a dryer to dry everything in? That's ok too! Rock a clothesline, it will save you money AND keep your diapers looking newer for longer! Just a little tip, they DO have portable dryers too, how cool is that?!

So, not having a washer/dryer available without paying per load may seem like a quick no to cloth diapering, but it is completely doable! So do your research, and figure out what is going to work best for your family!

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