Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Just SUN it

Let me tell you a little story......
We were having company over last summer, and I was all dressed up in my favorite white capri pants, and a cute pink, ruffle shirt.  I was making enchiladas and I was running all around the kitchen cooking, cleaning and organizing.  I whipped open the refrigerator door when all of a sudden, my entire bowl of enchilada sauce fell onto me, my white pants, my pink ruffled shirt and all over the floor.  It was a mess.  I could do nothing but laugh at my misfortune.

 After the initial shock was over, I realized that my clothes were ruined.  Bright red enchilada sauce all down the front of my WHITE capris! 

I immediately started soaking them and putting stain remover on them, and then ran them through a wash cycle.  I desperately wanted them to come out white, but I knew the chances of that were slim.....  Boy was I right.  The stain had turned from a deep red (before the wash) to a pink, but still completely noticeable, stain.  I was so sad.  I let them hang dry and thought, I'll get back to them later. 

A few days passed and I had washed them three more times in hopes of lightening the stain.  Nothing had worked....and then...came diaper laundry day....

I was washing my diapers and then it struck me, if the sun takes stains out of the diapers, why not my pants?!?!  (yes, it took me that long to realize that).  So, I soaked my pants in water, and then laid them out under the sun, and sure enough, every millimeter of that stain was gone within two hours.  Not.  Even.  Kidding.  What my washer and stain remover couldn't do in four washes, the sun did in less than two hours.  I was BLOWN away. 

Thankfully, the Rock-a-Bums have the amazing gray fleece feature and gray inserts, so you don't have to worry about stains as much, but if you ever do get one (even on the outside of your white cover) the sun will be your best friend!  Just wash it and sun it! 

So, the sun not only dries your clothes and diapers without using any of your electricity, but it will also remove your stains DOUBLE BONUS.

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