Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bang for your Buck - How to rock Long Lasting Diapers

Want to get the most out of your cloth diapers and have them last for multiple children?! I thought so....keep reading to see our suggestions for rockin' long lasting cloth. 

1.  Don't Soak Your Covers!!!

Regularly soaking your covers will break down the elastic and PUL fabric faster than you can say, ROCK STAR.  The elastic is an important part to making sure your diaper stays leak free!!


2.  Amp Up Your Stash!!

The more covers and inserts you have, the less you have to wash them.  If you are washing every cover and every insert EVERY time, then they will break down considerably faster!  Build up your stash slowly! See how you can save money and build up your stash here.


3.  Rock a Clothes Line!

 If you line dry your covers and inserts, you are taking away the beating they receive in the dryer.  If a clothes line isn't doable, then make sure to dry on low, (unless you are doing the initial 15 minute sealing recommendation when you first get your covers), for as LITTLE time as possible.  We aren't always able to dry outside due to weather, so we like to be creative inside, too!

4.  Use the Right Detergent

           Make sure you use a detergent that is cloth diaper safe!  Some of our FAVORITES are:
             Tide Free and Gentle, Rockin' Green, Country Save, Purex Free and Clear, Kirkland's Free and Clear, Eco Nuts, Lulu's in the Fluff, Eco Sprout, Laundry Tarts and Ruby Moon.    Hand making your detergent can be risky, so we don't suggest using hand made detergent on cloth diapers!
Follow these simple steps and you will find yourself with nice, soft, fluffy diapers that will last longer!  You can start jumping for joy at any point, I won't judge!

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