Monday, April 22, 2013

Rock-a-Bums: EARTH DAY POST - What to do with your old microfiber inserts?

What can you do with all your old Microfiber Inserts?
Earth Day POST!!

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Microfiber Inserts!  What to do with them after you are done using them for your cloth diapers?

We all know what microfiber inserts are.  They are the absorbent part of a cloth diaper, and come with most diapers out there.

And then you gotta get extras for overnights, grandmas, freebies, the diaper bag, etc, etc.  After a while you seem to end up with more inserts than diapers, not sure how that happens.  It's like the "missing sock" syndrome, but in reverse.  Weird.

 Fast forward a couple years, and when your baby finally learns to potty train!
(Well, this is of course after 2 months of trying, and failing, and trying again.  And, why does the baby like throwing the potty seat down the stairs?   Because that's what 2 year olds seem to do with everything.  Or sitting there on it for hours happily reading, then gets up to go play and, BAM...  accident on the carpet.  Ewwww.)

You've given away all your old diapers to friends, and you've got this pile of left over microfiber inserts!!

I made up some new uses for old inserts for Earth Day!

Rockabums cloth diaper with microfiber insert!

Clean the Bathroom!!
Cleaning Mirrors!!  No Streaks!
Cleaning your husband's Giant TV
make your own reusable floor mop.  I improvised with a broom handle and some tape ;)

Clean the car


Furniture pads, no more scuffs on your floor

Dog Coat. Repels and absorbs.

Ear Muffs

What kinds of things can you think up to do with your old Microfiber Inserts???