Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grand Finale

I have learned that with a newborn and a toddler the nights feel long but the days go by so fast! I cannot believe that Paisley has been a part of our family for over a month now. Not only do I feel proud of myself for surviving this first month with two kids but also for jumping right in with cloth from the very beginning; and it wasn’t hard at all!

Now that I can officially say I have cloth diapered a newborn, I am surprised by how many people wait until their babies are a bit older to start. As I mentioned in a previous post, the reason for waiting with Parker was mainly because our “one-size” diapers we had at the time did not fit his 7 lb 4 oz little body until he was much bigger (about 8 or 9 weeks later is when we started) and we didn’t want to spend the extra money to have a newborn stash of diapers when I had no idea just how long he would actually use them. I am thrilled that this time around, we found a true one-size diaper with Rock-a-Bums and even more thrilled that those same diapers also fit my 29 lb toddler

I think diapering a newborn is sort of like a how a Rock Star feels just moments before hitting the stage—a bit intimidated by all the people in the audience; or, in our case, intimidated by the amount of diapers a newborn goes through. I bet Rock Stars are a bit nervous about messing up on stage;  for us, we get nervous about having leaks and blow outs because “there is no way a diaper that fits my toddler can also fit my newborn.” Ha! I was SO wrong! But once they get on the stage and start performing, they quickly get in their groove and have a great show and I can honestly say it has been the same for us!