Thursday, October 31, 2013

#releasetherockabums's happened.....Rock-A-Bums is ready to release our VELCRO and SNAP 2.0 options. 

Why the 2.0 ROCKS

Whether you are a cloth diapering family or not, the Rock-A-Bums 2.0 BOMBSHELL cover is a complete NECESSITY to your baby kit. 

With its wide crotch area, and strong back elastic, it will certainly contain any poopy blowout mess from ruining baby’s clothes, and your day. 

Use it over a disposable, as an all-in-one, hybrid, all-in-two or pocket, you just can’t go wrong.  With two generous pocket openings, an extra layer of PUL for tummy sleepers, and our proprietary Plush Dry fabric lining the inside of the cover, this system will not disappoint. 

 Along with our HUGE release, we want to do a massive giveaway, with many ways to enter.   Thanks to lillebaby, Rockin' Green, Bamboobies and Spray Pal for giving us some AWESOME prizes to send your way! Enjoy!

*Winner will receive:
3 Rock-A-Bums 2.0 Diapers (your choice of color and closure)
3 Pack of Bamboobies Nursing Pads
1 Spray Pal Splatter Shield
1 lillebaby Complete Organic Carrier
1 bag of Rockin' Green Soap