Thursday, June 20, 2013

I Used to.......

I used to......

I used to wake up to an alarm......but now I wake up to a talkative toddler

I used to be early everywhere I went.....but now I settle for a little late and a disheveled appearance

I used to go to the bathroom by myself.....but now I have a shadow that follows me in there

I used to have an organized kitchen....but now I open drawers and find baby dolls

I used to always put make up on before leaving the house...but now I find myself in the store with two different shoes (sad, but true)

I used to think of vacations as tropical places....but now I realize they are kid-less trips to Target

I used to listen to rock music while cleaning the house.....but now I listen to "Toddler Tunes"

I used to put moisturizer on my face every morning...but now I wipe avocado off my face from an excited toddler and call it good.

I used to brush my teeth first thing every morning...but now I get to lunch time and try to remember if I ever actually made it to that step

I used to grab my purse and head to the grocery store for one or two items....but now I have to grab Scout, the kitchen ladle, three books, cheese sticks, a banana and  a sticker for our two second car ride

I used to gag when a child would have a snotty nose.....but now I suck it out and wipe it off like the best of them

I used to have a lot of views on parenting....but now my game plan is to make it to bedtime 

I used to leave the house any time I wanted....but now I carefully plan around naptime, eating time, and grumpy time

I used to decorate my house with beautiful pieces...but now I decorate with toys

I used to think my heart was full.....but now I know it is

Love being a mom!

Do any of you have I used to, but now I moments?