Saturday, December 22, 2012

Customer Testimonial- Connor 8 Months

To give our viewers a little insight to our first customers thoughts of their new Rock-A-Bums we asked them to write a few words about who they are and what they think of our diapers.

Amanda, SAHM mom of 2 little boys.
Here is my customer review:

"This diaper is truly versatile, and yet it is still very simple to use. The first thing I noticed was the inner lining wasn't WHITE!! Yes finally! I love that, and not only does it not stain, but it also doesn't absorb anything it is very stay dry against my babies bum. It also is fantastic for dirty diapers because the poop just rolls off no matter the consistency + cold water = amazingly easy to remove solids in the toilet.

The PUL (waterproof outer layer) is SUPER soft!! Like a t-shirt, its crazy how soft it is. It also feels thinner than regular PUL which in turn makes the whole diaper trimmer underneath his clothes which is also a huge plus.

The fit is very nice on our son who is a chunk, 8 months 22 lbs & 29inches, and he still has room to grow in it. "

Connor trying out the shell as a swim diaper in the tub :)